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Compisition of the Planet - Uranus

Compisitions of Uranus
Voyages to Uranus!
Moons, Rings, & ect...
How we discovered Uranus
All About Us

Uranus is one of the giant planets or gas giants. It has a diameter of about 48000 kilometers. 

Where is It?
Uranus is the seventh planet in the solar system. Uranus is very far away from the Sun. Its average distance from the Sun is about 3 billion kilometers.

How Did It Get Its Name?
At first Uranus was named "Georgium Sidus", after George III (the King of England at the time).

How long are its years and days?
Since Uranus is so far away from the Sun, it takes it a very long to to go around the Sun once. A year on Uranus is 84 Earth years. The blue-green planet spins around once in a little over seventeen hours.

How Big Is It? 
Uranus is a about 51800 kilometers.

What Is It Made Of?

 methane,hydrogen,melted rock,ammonia

What Is It Like on The Surface?
Since Uranus is a gas planet, it doesn't have a solid surface like Earth.

Does it have any special features?
  1. One of the wierd facts about Uranus is that it is "laying on its side" as it faces the Sun.
  2. Also the planet rotates East to West.