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neptunes moons and rings
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Neptune, you might know it as the blue planet. It is also the fourth largest planet in the solar system. And it is a impressive 4.5 billion km away from the sun. It also gets most of it's light because light is reflected of the planet Aldebo.

Mean distance from sun 4.5 billion km (2.796 billion mi)
Diameter 49,400 km (30,700 mi)
Eccentricity of orbit 0.01
Inclination of orbit 1.77
Period of revolution 164.79 earth years
Rotation period 16 hr 3 min
Mass (earth = 1) 17.2
Volume (earth = 1) 72
Mean density (water = 1) 1.7

Dark colored rings have been detected around the blue planet, but are much less than those of Saturn. When these rings were discovered, it was thought that they might not be complete, but this was disproved by Voyager 2. Neptune also has winds of hydrogen, helium, and methane. That gives the planet its blue appearence. It had in its southern hemisphere a Great Dark Spot comparable to Jupiter's Great Red Spot.