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The Planet VENUS

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Kool Q's!

Here are some questions about Venus?
1. What is another name for the planet Venus? _____________________

2. Is Venus much bigger, much smaller, or about the same size as the Earth?_______________________

3. Does Venus have a thick or thin atmosphere?_______________________

4. What is the major component of Venus' atmosphere? ____________________

5. It rains on Venus. What is this rain made of? _____________________

6. Is Venus shrouded in clouds? _______________________

7. Is Venus the planet nearest the Sun in our Solar System or the second-nearest? ______________________

8. Is Venus the hottest planet in our Solar System or the second-hottest? ____________________

9. How many moons does Venus have? ______________________

10. On Earth, the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. On Venus, does this also happen? ______________________